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allied healthcare imageGateway Specialty Insurance has top rated markets to quote package or monoline insurance for a home healthcare.


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Coverage for a home healthcare organization can include: 

General Liability

Directors & Officers Liability

Employment Practices Liability

Abuse and Molestation

Special Events

Crisis Intervention

Professional Liability



Equipment Breakdown

Business Income


Employee Benefits Liability

Blanket Additional Insureds

Cyber Liability




Policy highlights can include:

  • Defense outside limits
  • Separate or shared limits for psychiatrists, psychologists and other MD/mid-levels professionals
  • Industry leading broadening forms
  • Broad definition of who is an insured
  • Easy access to brokers
  • Underwriting expertise with limited customer distribution
  • Ability to provide admitted and non-admitted terms
  • Coverage can be written claims-made or occurrence
  • Risk management services
  • Separate limits for General Liability, Professional Liability and Abuse and Molestation
  • In-house claims experts

Home healthcare claim examples:

Directors and Officers Claim:
A donor made a large contribution to a home healthcare organization requesting that the money be used
to enhance the home. The board instead votes to use the money to buy a new car for the
director. The donor files suit alleging misappropriation of funds.

Property Claim:
A fire breaks out as a result of cooking in the common kitchen area of a home, which results
in extensive smoke and heat damage to both the home and its contents and forces the homeowners seek an
alternative facility for a period of one month. The organization suffers a loss of $75,000 in property
damage and extra expenses.

Abuse and Molestation Claim:
A man who is volunteering for a home healthcare organization receives consent to take a girl he is
mentoring on a trip. During the trip, the girl is sexually molested. The girl’s family sues
the organization’s Abuse and Molestation coverage for bodily injury and mental duress.

General Liability Claim:
A guest at a home slipped and fell in the bathroom and broke his arm. The guest filed a lawsuit against
the organization for pain and suffering, medical bills and rehabilitation expenses.

Home Health Aide (non-medical) Claim:
Happy Home Helpers is a small home health aide company with five employees
including Beth. Beth has been assigned work at the home of an elderly couple needing daytime assistance. She has
been working with the couple for almost six months when a family emergency forces her to take a leave from work.
Happy Home Helpers quickly replaces Beth’s role with another employee who is not as familiar with the couple’s
daily routine. Unhappy with the new helper’s services and the next two replacements following, the couple begins calling
in complaints to the company. Not getting the response or apology they want from Happy Home Helpers, the
couple files a lawsuit against the company for professional negligence for $2,500. Although the lawsuit is closed in favor
of Happy Home Helpers, the small company is not able to sustain the defense costs of the long running lawsuit and is
forced to shut down.

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