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Software developers and designers are the creative minds behind a wide variety of computer programs and software applications. Be sure your software developers and designers have the coverages they need to continue to operate effectively.

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Insurance policy highlights can include:

  • Copyright and trademark infringement

  • Broad definition of technology services, using “included, but not limited to” wording

  • Blanket additional insured and waiver of subrogation

  • Network security and privacy liability

  • Professional liability limits up to $5 million limits

  • Hired and non-owned auto liability coverage available

  • Top rated, financially strong, A++ rated insurers writing on both admitted and non-admitted paper

  • Privacy breach expense and regulatory defense can be included

  • The ability to include full prior acts on professional liability

Coverages can include:
  • Errors and omissions (professional liability)

  • Cyber

  • General liability

  • Media liability

  • Business personal property

  • Hired and non-owned auto

Additional coverages available:
  • Blanket additional insured

  • Umbrella

  • Business income

  • Equipment breakdown


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Claim Examples

Errors and Omissions (Professional Liability)

A software developer was hired to design a fully functional, interactive software and hardware solution for a retail shop. After six months, the developer failed to deliver the solution as promised in their contract, and the retail shop had to hire another developer to finish the software. The retail shop sued the software developer and claimed damages of $1 million which included the increased cost to complete the solution, lost profits because of the delay in the delivery and the market value of the software.

Personal Injury

A software developer is contracted and hired to develop and implement a software program for a high-end restaurant. While developing the software, the developer takes pictures of the restaurant, which include real patrons of the restaurant. The developer ends up using these pictures within the software. The patrons in the pictures see their photos in the software, which are being used without consent, and they file a suit for invasion of privacy.

Intellectual Property

Jon Doe had been a software developer for a large IT company, ITC Biz, for many years. His role at ITC Biz included designing software systems. ITC Biz saw a decrease in contracts and orders and had to layoff most of their employees, including Jon Doe. Once Jon was let go, he created his own company designing software systems. Once Jon delivered these software systems to his new clients, ITC Biz felt that his software code is their copyrighted code. ITC Biz sues Jon Doe for copyright infringement.

Bodily Injury Arising out of a Professional Service

A software developer is installing a software program for one of their clients. The software developer is hooking up an Ethernet cable to their router and in the interim steps out of the room to grab something he forgot. While the software developer is out of the room, an employee of the client trips over the loose Ethernet cable and sustains injuries to their back and neck. The employee of the client sues the software developer for negligence and seeks damages for the bodily injuries sustained.

Hired and Non-owned Auto

Jessica is a staff member working for a small software development company. While Jessica is running errands on behalf of the company, she fails to yield at a stop sign and strikes another vehicle. The other driver sustains a severe bodily injury and sues Jessica’s personal auto policy. It turns out that the claim amount will ultimately exceed Jessica’s personal auto limits, and a secondary claim is made against the hired and non-owned policy of the software development company.