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Gateway Specialty Insurance has a top rated market to quote event cancellation and non-appearance coverage.


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Policy Perils can include:

  • Cancellation, abandonment, and disruption of event(s) due to "All Cause" examples of loss including fire, flood, power failure, snowstorm, severe adverse weather and earthquake
  • Non-appearance for concerts or tours, theatrical productions, key speakers and teams, due to death, accident, illness, travel, delay of key speaker/performer

Policy Highlights can include:

  • Event locations: worldwide
  • Types of events can include but are not limited to concerts, fairs/festivals, sporting events, community events, fundraisers, etc.
  • Coverage included extra expense to mitigate a loss
  • National Monitoring
  • Up to a 3 year policy term
  • Ascertained net loss indemnity based on expenses or revenues
  • Contracted gross revenues can be included for first time year events
  • Additional coverage available for communicable disease, terrorism (act or threat), war, etc.
  • Windstorm
  • Earthquake
  • Adverse Weather
  • All U.S events include a free sublimit for terrorism

Event Cancellation and Non-Appearance claim examples:

Claim Example #1:

A community food and wine festival had to abandon their second day of operations due to a major earthquake that requires evacuations and safety protocols to be put into place. Because of this the organizers suffered significant loss of revenues which were able to be claimed due to the placement of an Event Cancellation policy.


Claim Example #2:

The rise in recent acts of terrorism has resulted in the cancellation and postponement of numerous events, including many high profile concerts, sporting events and festivals. Post the bombing at the Ariana concert in Manchester, the venue has been closed and not expected to open until at least October which has resulted in a numerous amount events scheduled there to be cancelled, postponed or relocated to another venue. The lost revenues or extra expenses to relocate would be covered if terrorism coverage is purchased.


Claim Example #3:

A major golf tournment is contracted to pay back TV revenues due to the events final day being moved to Monday as the Sunday was a washout. The tournment wants to ensure that in the event of cancellation, they will be made whole should an event like this occur. Through an event cancelation policy the organizer is able to manage their risk against potential losses due to an unforeseen weather event or access issues to the venue, among other perils outside of their control that could result in the necessay cancellation, abandonment or disruption of their event.

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